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Ruthon Group Oy is a multi-sector company, based in Saarijärvi, Finland. Our core business is recycling and environmental service solutions and the related support operations.

Ruthon Group’s corporate structure enables the development and operation of centralized management and ownership cost-effectively, for the benefit of subsidiaries operating in various industries.

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Kiertokasvu, a member of the Ruthon Group, offers comprehensive service solutions for making the circulation of nutrients more efficient. In accordance with the principles of circular economy, Kiertokasvu wants to meet the growing needs of renewable energy production.

Kiertokasvu tailors the service package for each of its customers, considering their specific customer needs and end product markets. We offer customer-oriented solutions for the development of an end-product and its sales and marketing. We work closely with research and educational institutions.

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Ruthon Services Oy

Ruthon Services Oy (a member of the Ruthon Group) provides the handling and management of waste and by-product streams. We also offer consultation with environmental and quality management systems, like environmental permit processes, creating and updating quality and environmental management handbooks and reporting to official authorities. We offer part of our services via our comprehensive countrywide partner network.

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Biokasvuvoima Oy

Biokasvuvoima produces and promotes soil products to gardening.

Operation of Biokasvuvoima combines passion and decades of experience from recycle based raw materials in gardening soil products. These principles will build up new growth also for next decades.

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Saimaprint Oy

Ruthon Group is a largest owner in a media company Saimaprint Oy. Saimaprint is an agile and growing family company. During last year’s Saimaprint has developed and modernized its operations to meet up with today’s needs on the markets.

Saimaprint completes perfectly Ruthon Group’s portfolio. Expertise in communications and printing business creates added value to Ruthon Group’s subcompanies and customers. As a printing house Saimaprint has committed to make responsible choices and work for sustainable development. Saimaprint is a member of Lappeenranta area’s Greenreality network.

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We make sure that our comprehensive service solution will serve all parties in the best possible way – both waste stream producers and the end-users of the recycled fertilizer product. Our high-quality raw materials, management, R&D as well as our efficient domestic collaboration network provide the best possible solutions- locally.

Ruthon Group has its own environmental management system, which incorporates the company’s environmental policy. We take environmental concerns into account in all our operations.

We have built our management model according to ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management certificates. As our business expands, we will obtain the required certifications to ensure the transparency and quality to our customers.

Officially a Reliable Partner

We handle the information of our customers and partners carefully in accordance with the GDPR Regulation. We are proud of our paperless office and we handle contracts, accounting and financial management in fully electronically protected online environments.

Collaborating with us is easy and transparent. We are officially a Reliable Partner, and our liability information is available at

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